Film is an attractive alternative investment that has a low correlation to equities and is an ethical route for investors seeking diversification benefits. Global Media & Entertainment grew by almost $100b from 2015 to 2016 and is predicated to grow by CAGR of 4.4% over the next 5 years. In the UK, The Media and Entertainment market is estimated by PwC to be the largest market in the EMEA and set to rise by 6.5% to a value of $65Billion by 2019. (Source Media and Entertainment Investment Sector Report 2017) The benefits of this investment include tax reliefs, pre-sales, overseas rights sales and long tails of ongoing income that can make it very attractive to sophisticated investors. The returns can be high although film is a risky business and we do as much as possible to try to manage this as much as possible with a robust risk management procedure in place. Our clients also benefit from the glamour experiences including attending film festivals, wrap parties, VIP events and visiting the film-sets to enjoy the magic of the film industry.

Criteria for investment

  We invest in projects that are commercial and viable for development with high growth potential
  All films will have HMRC Advanced Assurance in place so investors can claim there tax reliefs
  Varcale created a strategy called Reverse Engineering to further minimise the risk of film investment for our clients
  Our EIS/SEIS fund has a slate of 15-18 films for diversification purposes with a range of budgets up to £25m
  Through our experienced team we get high quality films with A-List talent that fit our investment criteria